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Shweta Kekal offers a wide range of personalized services, all with the intention of curating the best possible version of you. With over 3000 bridal make ups to her credit she has a strong body of work which speaks for itself. Throughout her career she has always followed the tenants of being creative, ethical and trendy which has helped her put many a smile on the faces of all the brides she has worked with.


If you are looking to create a signature look, you have come to the right place. Shweta is known amongst her clients to add her signature twist to every look. Her vision for every look is to push the boundaries of her creativity without going overboard. A visit to Shweta Kekal includes a personalized pre- cut consultation. This helps Shweta add her own touch to classic Bridal looks that showcase not just “your style” but also Shweta’s creativity. Shweta effortlessly mixes different looks and is not afraid to borrow an inspiration from the west to create unique looks to showcase the perfect you on your special day.

Sapna Darne: “Love Shweta’s work. She makes you feel comfortable and is very friendly. To top it all she is an artist when it comes to hairstyles.”

Tanuja Rane: “I have straight thinning hair and Shweta was fabulous and gave the most awesome full look that I have ever worn.”


Shweta understands that your hair is priceless and has the experience to treat it with the utmost care. All of the products used by Shweta Kekal are carefully selected so that you get the best experience during your visit. Shweta also has the expertise to closely match any look that you desire whether it is inspired from a Bollywood movie or from fashion ramps around the world. She also makes it a priority to match her products closely with your hair type to make sure the needs of your gorgeous hair are met. No matter what your hair or skin type is, with Shweta working her magic you can be rest assured that she will take good care of you.

Leena Vora: “Came out looking so good I feel like a queen every time I visit SK’s Studio. And love it as she is extremely transparent about her deals.”

Reshma Sejpal: “My style for my wedding day was so good I would not have changed a thing. Thanks a ton again for lovely service”


Shweta is passionate about hair & make-up, so she continually educates herself with the latest on the latest trends and techniques to transform your look with styles inspired by the fashion runways from around the world. Shweta has chosen some of the highest quality professional products on the market today. Whether you are looking to reinvent your look or maintain your current one, Shweta will deliver the result you are looking for. She carries a huge line of high-end products for smoothing, conditioning, texturing, holding, plumping, cleansing, shaping, curling, hydrating, de-frizzing and more. What’s more she also participates in hair and make-up shows where she showcases her take on the latest trends while exchanging notes with the best in the business.

Ruta Naik: “Shweta is really talented. I was glad I trusted her vision and changed my look. The result was absolutely fabulous.”

Rajshree: “Came out looking so good I feel like a queen every time I visit SK’s Studio. My style for my wedding day was so good I would not have changed a thing.”

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